System Conversion A/R Wind Down

Your new system conversion date is nearly here. You and your leadership team and staff have dedicated a large amount of time to implementation, planning and training while at the same time trying to maintain current operations. System implementations are complex and at times can be overwhelming, and despite your best efforts, key performance indicators can begin to move in the wrong direction.


You and your staff are working hard, but...

  • Cash collections are decreasing
  • A/R days are increasing
  • Your staff is having difficulty completing their current work while building and training on the new system
  • Key managers are required to dedicate time preparing for the implementation
  • Manual processes used to discover and resolve problems with reimbursement are too slow
  • There is pressure to retire your old legacy system early to reduce cost


The re|solution System Conversion A/R Wind Down (re|wind) solution combines our proprietary software (re|discover) to query and analyze payer and facility systems, our highly trained staff, with proven experience in A/R liquidation and cash acceleration during system conversions, with the efforts of your team.

Our re|wind solution creates a synergy that:

  • Provides a cost effective alternative to working your post conversion A/R internally
  • Ensures that your pre and post conversion cash collections remain at or exceed current performance
  • Allows your revenue cycle leadership and key personnel to focus on successful implementation and training


Maintaining pre-conversion performance in cash collections, A/R, and bad debt expense is the key to an effective and ultimately successful system conversion. Our re|wind solution will deliver the following results.

  • Significantly increases the likelihood of a successful system conversion
  • Consistent cash collections before, during, and immediately after the conversion
  • Assists with maintaining other key revenue cycle performance indicators at current levels
  • Potential reduction of system maintenance costs by early retirement of old legacy system

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