Interim Staffing

Hospitals, particularly community and rural facilities, constantly struggle to retain qualified personnel (particularly with smaller community hospitals). Replacing key personnel in the business office may require training existing personnel and establishing procedures and policies that enhance a new manager’s ability to perform. Occasionally, locating a new employee takes time to find a good fit. The facility may not have the luxury of reduced cash flow while recruiting takes place. re|solution has qualified and experienced personnel ready on a moment’s notice to assist as Business Office Managers, Coders, Billers, Collectors and Cash Posters. Business office interim staff are placed on-site for as long as they are needed.

Immediate Access to Proven, Qualified Personnel 

Other benefits include:

  • Cash increases with improved staff skills
  • On-site knowledge transfer produces competent local employees
  • On-site training increases skill retention
  • Temporary or long-term placements


  • You select from our elite reserve of qualified personnel
  • Mentoring option for training managers or higher level personnel
  • Implementation of unique reporting and productivity tools with monthly reports to measure employee performance
  • Safety net of re|solution resources provide post engagement support

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