Case Studies

As a widely recognized leader in optimizing revenue cycle performance in rural and community hospitals, we have worked with facilities across the nation. With our experience, the chances are good that we can help your facility.

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Towner County Medical Center Increases Cash by Over 30% in First Year of Insource

TCMC’s leadership collaborated with re|solution using an Engagement Management Action Plan for an efficient insource transition. The plan outlined a variety of milestones and goals designed to optimize revenue cycle operations. TCMC employees were transitioned to re|solution, retaining jobs in the community.

Dallam-Harley Counties Hospital District increases cash and reduces expenses

In partnership with re|solution, Dallam Hartley deployed re|store™. re|solution placed a Revenue Cycle Manager onsite to assist with training current staff, securing additional staffing, stabilizing the DNFB and billing. The staff worked aggressively to meet milestone goals.

Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital find over $16 million in Net Revenue

Ohio Valley Medical Center deployed re|assess™ complemented by an experienced re|solution BOD to assess staff and staffing levels, provide training and accountability. The re|solution proprietary tools were utilized and left behind for sustainable improvement and success.

Brownfield Regional Medical Center insources, reducing aged AR by 2.5 Million

Brownfield Regional deployed re|store™ complemented by a re|solution project manager to assist in training internal staff, collecting aged accounts receivable, reducing DNFB, and optimizing reimbursement.

Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center Finds Additional Cash

Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center deployed re|assess™ complemented by an experienced re|solution manager to identify missed opportunities for reimbursement while providing training to key staff and implementing sustainable and proven improvements to the facility’s processes.

Muenster Memorial Hospital achieves a significant reduction of Accounts Receivable and DNFB

Muenster Memorial deployed re|cover™ complemented by an experienced re|solution manager to assist in assessing staff, providing training and re|solution tools left behind for ongoing improvement and success.

Forrest General completes successful system conversion and wind down of legacy accounts receivable

Forrest General deployed re|wind™ complemented by a re|solution project manager to assist in preparing for the conversion with internal staff. Another project manager and team were assigned to work on cash acceleration on the legacy system.

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