Revenue Cycle Management

The revenue and cash performance of rural, community, and critical access hospitals, will depend increasingly on continuous improvements in Performance, Quality, and Efficiency.

The Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process has many moving parts, with numerous individuals and systems playing important roles to ensure that payers are billed accurately, and the facility is properly reimbursed for its services. The RCM process has become increasingly complex. Continuous regulatory, reimbursement, and economic changes have combined to exert tremendous pressure on hospitals’ ability to survive. While the pressure to receive proper and timely reimbursement - healthy cash flow - remains essential to a facility's ability to deliver on its promise to provide healthcare to the local community.

A properly organized revenue cycle operation, staffed by employees with solid technical and compliance training, and supported by Best Practice (BP) processes and technology, is vital to ensure that you can continue to provide health care to your community.

We understand, however, that finding the right mix of talent, process, and technology is increasingly difficult in the current, and ever-changing environment

We are here to help you and your rural or community facility. We know how to improve your processes and the skills of your staff, reduce cycle time, trim costs, and improve cash flow.

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