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re|solution provides comprehensive revenue cycle services to rural and community hospitals in a thoughtful, compassionate, and competent manner with guaranteed results. A trusted partner, we are there when you need us, but only when you need us.

Ask your peers; we are widely recognized as the leader in optimizing revenue cycle performance in rural, community, and acute care hospitals. We have perfected the process of finding cash for healthcare providers while training client staff to improve revenue cycle operations.

As I reflect on our accomplishment this past year I want to personally thank you and your team from re|solution for your significant contribution in putting Laird Memorial Hospital back on the road to restoration. When you arrived in January, the “train was clearly off the track” in our business office and medical records departments.

Today I am happy to report that our net days in Accounts Receivables continue to improve fluctuating in the 50-60 days to collection versus the 110 days when you arrived. This has led to improved cash collections.  Productivity has increased as these improved results are being achieved with fewer FTE’s than when you arrived due to the more efficient processes you helped us establish.

Bob S. Ellzey, CHE-Chief Executive Officer
Laird Memorial Hospital

Just as health care itself must meet the specific needs of each patient, re|solution offers a full spectrum of revenue cycle services– customized to meet the unique needs and constraints of each of our clients in the communities we serve, and we GUARANTEE OUR PERFORMANCE.

“At first, a few of our staff members bristled a little bit, but the re|solution team was so helpful and had so many good ideas that they quickly gained the trust of the full-time staff. Everyone was happy to have them on board and soon realized the value of their expertise."

“We’ve struggled with our reputation in the community because of billing delays and difficulties reaching a live body in the business office. Now, it looks like we may finally be working through that.”

John Wilker-Chief Financial Officer
Portneuf Medical Center

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